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Living room ideas, plans, creature comforts

Hello and welcome to our living room! I won’t say I’ve fully ~realised my vision~ for grand living room ideas (if only money and time were no object! oh, if only), but it’s our home, so it’s always going to feel comfortable as long as my dude and my cat are there.   Continue reading »

Living room, current

House walkthrough, year two

How much have we done with our house in two years? The answer is somewhere between “not much” and “heaps and heaps”, so I figured it might be worth another look through. Jamie and I have had plenty of projects to keep us busy, but not so much that the house has started to own us.  Continue reading »

Deck in full, summer 2015

Deck life ‘14-15

Oh, summer. December/January is the busy, super-social season around here, so I’ve been a little out-to-lunch this month, catching up with everyone we hadn’t seen in weeks. In the evenings, Jamie and I have been catching up on garden work and assorted projects.  Continue reading »

living room - current

Year 1 house tour: the foundation year

We bought our house last July. We moved into it in October. I’ll split the difference for this one-year-in look at what Jamie and I have done with our new home and what our future plans are.

It’s a good house, this one.  Continue reading »

The better entryway

There is now one space in our house that I’m tentatively calling ‘nice’ right now, and it’s our entryway. It’s functional, which was the primary, obvious goal, but it still feels reflective of our house and ourselves.

The entryway is the threshold to our home.  Continue reading »