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Early days

We got the call when Jamie and I were at a party, telling us that our offer on a house had been accepted. So we had a room full of friends telling us congrats and I was completely stunned, as though I couldn’t even feel feelings. Absolutely unreal.

The dust has cleared, all has settled, and we’re officially new homeowners. She’s cute, hey.

Our house.

This place has good bones, the location is reasonably central, and it’s a comfortable size for two people and a cat. It could use some spit and polish, but that’s largely surface-level and taste-specific.

Believe me, we saw plenty of dark, poky, decrepit or straight up bizarre houses, houses with real problems, which all still sold for a pretty penny. Thank you Australian real estate market, I will forever treasure the sight of realtors in suits smugly standing back and letting any house that doesn’t cost a king’s ransom sell itself.

Anyway. Make no mistake, we’re excited about what we’ve got.

And it begins.


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