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Plans for our study!

Cassie Pyle, The Veda HouseCassie Pyle of The Veda House, via Eva Black Design

One thing I’m going to sort out this year: my workspace, or study.

I’ve been looking for inspiration, and I can’t get past how staged and non-functional many of those beautiful workspace photos are. Sitting on a hard little stool for a full day’s work? Sure. No books on the shelves? Right. Giant blackboard, artfully scribbled on, behind the desktop and therefore difficult to reach? Whatever. No computer at all, just a bunch of knick-knacks, a rotary phone and a eucalyptus sprig in a vase? Haha, okay.

Those photos are pretty, don’t get me wrong, but they’re not useful. I need images of spaces that people actually work in, and The Veda House studio was one of my favourites. It’s so well put together and it looks like a lovely little space to be in.

Our own study hasn’t seen much action since we fixed up the walls and gave it a coat of paint. (The first two photos show what it looked like when we first moved in, when it was carpeted and floor-to-ceiling mauve; this one is from a few months ago.) It’s a nice large space, suiting multiple purposes and having enough room for storage, but you can see it needs help. I do freelance graphic design work, and I also want to get back into the swing of making prints and illustrations this year. So my workspace has plenty of stuff, but precious little organisation. It’s easier to get things done when everything has a place and materials, references etc are a snap to find.

I’ve been collecting furniture over the last few months, and since this photo was taken I’ve started to carry out my plans; the new year must have gotten me fired up. I made a detailed to-do list, looked through images of inspiring offices, and even made a basic moodboard to make it all clear in my head. In three words, I want this space to be comfortable, orderly, and inspiring.

And here’s a few more things on the list, both practical and decorative:

What do you reckon — good, bad, neutral? Any workspace suggestions or advice? I’m looking forward to sharing progress updates!

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