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Jamie’s tea station

Tea station

  1. Sometimes you’re busy, and you’d really like a cup of tea, but you don’t want to walk away from the computer for ten minutes while you wait for the stovetop kettle to boil (or worse, return to the study and forget about it, leaving it to make a shrieking racket until someone else hears it). I don’t mind those breaks, but Jamie likes to stay focused. He’d rather have a closed door than an open one.

2. My giant set of plan drawers, handy as it is, does not lend itself to being a useful piece of furniture in any other way. It’s too deep to comfortably stack other shelves on, and too low to the ground to use as a work top. The surface becomes a large, disorganised catch-all, which is unfortunate when the unit takes up so much space.

Well, here’s our solution for both: TEA STATION IN THE STUDY.

A tea station, you say? Well, gosh, doesn’t that seem a little precious and unnecessary? Jamie’s a big tea drinker, like the rest of his family and most of country Australia. I even made  a colourful tea chest for his tea collection, using a set of IKEA mini-drawers. Dude likes his tea, and I like being able to pick out cute tea ware.

Traditional floral tea services aren’t my style, so I’ve been collecting pieces that I like, some new, mostly vintage. The large enamel tray was a lucky secondhand find, as were the brass spoons with inlaid timber handles. The enamel canister is stocked with gunpowder green, and the ‘70s soup-bowl thing — nubbly brown on the outside, tangerine on the inside — collects discarded tea bags.

What’s not vintage: the kettle and double-wall glass mugs (Kmart), the mug tree (Target). I could have got a pretty $120 Delonghi kettle, but the $40 Kmart knockoff will do. All it needs to do is boil water, right?

I’ve also put up a few posters in this corner since we wheeled in the flat file. They’re all free posters from local events, plus a $5 MoMA souvenir up top. (I’m in Tassie, of course I have a MONA exhibition poster!) The crate has various art books, materials and graphic novels in it (or outside of it, in the case of the Building Stories box). I’m a sucker for printed material and ephemera.

Oh hey, fake philo leaves. You’re back.

So far so good! Jamie’s been using the tea station regularly, and it’s nice to have all that stuff in one place. The study is becoming a cozy place for a cuppa.

Other updates in the study: Initial plansfurnishingsflat file storageDIY linen-weave roller blinds, giving the disused fireplace a makeover.

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