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Hi, I’m Steph! Saltbush Avenue is my blog documenting our home and garden renovation! I take photos, write up DIY tutorials and share home design inspiration. Projects from this blog have been featured on Apartment Therapy, Mashable, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, FaveQuilts, Craftgawker, and Brit+Co. I also write about DIY over at Homedit.

About our house: My partner Jamie and I live in a post-war weatherboard house in Hobart, Australia with our lucky black cat Mishka and a whole mess of plants. I work in graphic design (I’m available for gigs, let’s talk) and Jamie is a civil engineer, which leaves us with a few skills between the two of us for tinkering with our house. I enjoy documenting the process, from plotting out design elements to actually getting our hands dirty. Sometimes I post about travel and other events. Hey, it’s my blog.

About us: Jamie is a Tasmanian country boy, so he grew up learning how to make things and fix them. I’m a transplant from Arizona and I’ve been living on this side of the world for a few years now; I even became a dual citizen in 2014. I miss the desert, but this little city surrounded by mountains and sea has its charms. Our home is well-stocked in tea and Vegemite, as well as hot sauce and tequila. Life is a garden, you gotta dig it.

Quick facts:

  • Posts are once a week. Each post takes a few hours to put together, and I’d rather have one quality post than five snippets of one. I knew you’d understand.
  • My camera is a Canon 7D, with Canon 50mm prime and Tamron 17-50mm lenses, sometimes a polariser filter for outdoors. I wouldn’t call myself a photography pro but I make an effort to improve over time.
  • Most furnishings in my house are secondhand/vintage or IKEA, with the occasional piece from Freedom/Temple&Webster/etc and modern planters from Economy Warehouse. As for secondhand sources, I like Gumtree, eBay, tip shops, antique stores and local auctions.
  • Recommended cafes in Hobart: Island Espresso, Shake A Leg Jr, Yellow Bernard, Pilgrim Coffee, Capulus Espresso, Criterion St Cafe, Villino/Ecru, Texas Pantry, Bury Me Standing, Taco Taco, The Standard. (This is by no means a comprehensive list.)

Thank you for stopping by! It’s so good to have you here.


If you’d like to contact me, propose a collaboration or ask me about anything in particular, feel free to hit me up at steph@saltbushavenue.com. I’d be delighted to hear from you!

I do have a couple of important things to mention, since I keep getting these requests:

  • I do not accept guest posts or guest content.
  • I’m not reviewing your product or participating in your promotion for free. Hard pass.

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