Australian House and Garden, 1965.

I hoard printed material. I love it all. I have a Kindle for reading fiction, but I like my magazines, graphic novels, and art and design books. I have several collections going of useless little bits of ephemera — postcards, public transport tickets, low-denomination bills from other countries.  Continue reading »

Colours + elements of design in the garden

Buying plants and digging in the dirt is the easy part. The time-consuming part has been deciding which plants. Our front yard is a blank slate, and I’ve spent considerable hours reading about Aus/Tas natives, among others, and determining whether they’ll like my yard.  Continue reading »

Kitchen materials palette

Kitchen laminate makeover (pt 1)

This is the first part of my kitchen laminate cabinet makeover; the second part is about adding the faux-woodgrain lowers.

We’re six weeks moved in now, and most of our house is still in disarray. I’d love to have you all over for the housewarming, but don’t count on it happening in 2013.  Continue reading »