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blooming pink camellia

Cut it all down: our new garden plans.

In Australia and New Zealand, people consider the first day of any season to be the first day of its month, not the date marked on the calendar. It weirded me out at first. Does the equinox suddenly jump three weeks forward?  Continue reading »

path with rosebushes (before removal)

House introduction!

Look what I put together in Floorplanner! North side is the deck side.

Our house was built in 1947. It’s a post-war, modest suburban weatherboard house and I like it. Unsurprisingly, a blank slate  like this has seen some substantial modifications over the years.  Continue reading »

apartment (green block wall)

Looking back: tiny apartment style.

The flip side of buying this house is that we’re also getting ready to sell our current apartment. It’s scary, after living here for a few years now. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. ♫

But hey, seeing as we’re about to move house, I can brag about what we’ve done to each room before we go.  Continue reading »