The great mixed border cleanup

I ask a lot of questions in the garden. What is this? How do I take care of it? Do I have the right tools for this task? Will this space ever stop looking horribly amateur? Even as I’m doing good work, like clearing overgrowth or carrying out badly-needed pruning, I still can’t help but feel like I’m wrecking what was built from years of passion and nurturing and turning it into a junk heap.  Continue reading »

Kilims and eiffel chairs

Our living room is nothing extraordinary right now. It’s a room with our furniture in it and a TV. Ever since we did the walls and floors, that’s about it for achievements.

I did, however, acquire some kilim cushions. All the way from Turkey, even.  Continue reading »

Let’s fix up that treated pine deck.

So far, 2014 has been pretty good.

  • Hosted a last-minute New Years gathering at our place after learning that several others hadn’t made plans either. Barbecue, board games, gin and tonics. It was low-key and nice. Now, to get ourselves a dining table so we don’t have to borrow a trestle table again.
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