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DIY linen curtains

DIY linen curtains!

I’ve been quiet on my blog lately, and here’s why: MOVING DAY. Yeah! We’re settling in the house now, and it feels like staying in a hostel that happens to have all of our furniture in it. Everything is half-unpacked, and the cat is distraught and only comes out of the bedroom closet sometimes.  Continue reading »

Interior paint palette: White Box/Duck Egg Blue; Thundercloud; Signature; Raku; Ironstone; Grand Piano Quarter; Beige Royal Half; all Dulux except Taubmans Thundercloud

Interior paint palette: clouds and sea

We’re at the painting stage in more rooms! The study and the hallway have been checked off the list. Oh god finally, more of our rooms are becoming liveable.

Here’s the interior paint palette we’ve decided on. Blues and greys. Our paint can collection has grown.  Continue reading »

blooming pink camellia

Cut it all down: our new garden plans.

In Australia and New Zealand, people consider the first day of any season to be the first day of its month, not the date marked on the calendar. It weirded me out at first. Does the equinox suddenly jump three weeks forward?  Continue reading »