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Sand. patch. prime. repeat.

The worst accommodation I’ve ever stayed in was a decrepit hostel in Manhattan. Harsh words, but it cannot be described any more nicely than that. Run-down, no facilities, disinterested staff, overall pretty shady. What really made it special, though, was how the radiators were kept on full boil and we could barely sleep, even after opening the windows.  Continue reading »

Refinishing hardwood floors!

Refinishing hardwood floors

It took longer than expected, but here we are. No more carpet and refinished floors.

We knew that denim blue carpet was going as soon as we saw it, but I still felt a little bit guilty about taking it out.  Continue reading »

Apartment gardening | Saltbush Avenue

Apartment gardening

In case it’s not obvious from the empty house pictures: we haven’t moved into the house yet. We’re still in our apartment for the time being. It’s a good little apartment, and I’ll definitely miss the view. One major drawback of this apartment, though: no private outdoor area.  Continue reading »