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path with rosebushes (before removal)

House introduction!

Look what I put together in Floorplanner! North side is the deck side.

Our house was built in 1947. It’s a post-war, modest suburban weatherboard house and I like it. Unsurprisingly, a blank slate  like this has seen some substantial modifications over the years.  Continue reading »

apartment (green block wall)

Looking back: tiny apartment style.

The flip side of buying this house is that we’re also getting ready to sell our current apartment. It’s scary, after living here for a few years now. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. ♫

But hey, seeing as we’re about to move house, I can brag about what we’ve done to each room before we go.  Continue reading »

Early days

We got the call when Jamie and I were at a party, telling us that our offer on a house had been accepted. So we had a room full of friends telling us congrats and I was completely stunned, as though I couldn’t even feel feelings.  Continue reading »