Tasman Peninsula, Southern Tasmania | Saltbush Avenue

Tasman Peninsula / Southern Tasmania

One thing I enjoy about living in Hobart is that I’m surrounded by people who choose to live here. The youngins move interstate for work and a change of pace, but then the tide shifts and you talk to over-30 professionals and they’ll tell you that they’ve come here for the beautiful landscape, the lower cost of living, the lifestyle.  Continue reading »

House differences: USA + Australia

Moving from the US to Australia is not exactly moving to the moon. In fact, to use another figure of speech, comparing lifestyles in Australia vs. the USA is like comparing Granny Smiths to Red Delicious. There’s marked differences in appearance and taste, sure, but they’re essentially the same thing.  Continue reading »

Freedom Trifle

I’m Australian!

Hello, world! I’m a dual citizen now! I know.

That’s me and Jamie at my ceremony, along with the Lord Mayor of Hobart in his pirate king regalia. Every new citizen received a native plant, which I thought was a nice gesture.  Continue reading »

Due north

Not many people in the world would say “due north” when referring to New South Wales.

Going out to Bondi Beach makes me feel like I’m visiting Australia for the first time. This is the iconic scenery that is marketed and shared around the world, the imagery that comes to mind when “Australia” is mentioned overseas.  Continue reading »

Straya day beach house

I highly recommend making friends with people who have access to beach cabins. Every so often, usually 2-3 times per summer, a large group of us descend upon a cabin near Port Arthur for a relaxed, disconnected weekend with a spit roast and beers.  Continue reading »