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fixing old things

Saving the star inlay

I like old, discarded objects. I like them for the same reason lots of other people do. The thrill of the hunt, the potential lurking under a nasty exterior, the pride in turning trash into gold.

There’s plenty of reasons why most of our furniture is secondhand.  Continue reading »

Charcoal beams + modern plant stands

I’ve been tinkering around with the deck some more. Painted the beams, assembled a couple of industrial-modern plant stands. Nothing major, just another couple of changes made to the best spot in the house. It’s an important space for important things, you see, like drinking coffee, having people over for barbecues, and giving the cat tummy rubs on the floor.  Continue reading »

Let’s fix up that treated pine deck.

So far, 2014 has been pretty good.

  • Hosted a last-minute New Years gathering at our place after learning that several others hadn’t made plans either. Barbecue, board games, gin and tonics. It was low-key and nice. Now, to get ourselves a dining table so we don’t have to borrow a trestle table again.
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