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fixing old things

Refinishing hardwood floors!

Refinishing hardwood floors

It took longer than expected, but here we are. No more carpet and refinished floors.

We knew that denim blue carpet was going as soon as we saw it, but I still felt a little bit guilty about taking it out.  Continue reading »

No More Textured Ceilings

Textured ceiling paint removal.

Not long after we got the keys to our house, we were out with friends and somehow, the idea of ‘hey, let’s christen your empty new house’ came about. Yeah, okay, sure, cool. Not going to lie: entering the house for the first time since it was transferred to our names was creepyContinue reading »

Walls and other animals

Repairing plaster walls and other animals.


There’s certain house fixes that are more difficult to accomplish after moving in. You get all your heavy furniture in there, days pass, months pass, your apathy grows and you never get around to doing what you had intended, but it still eats at you.  Continue reading »