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Charcoal beams + modern plant stands

I’ve been tinkering around with the deck some more. Painted the beams, assembled a couple of industrial-modern plant stands. Nothing major, just another couple of changes made to the best spot in the house. It’s an important space for important things, you see, like drinking coffee, having people over for barbecues, and giving the cat tummy rubs on the floor.  Continue reading »

Living with the living room

Cats and people agree: cozier is better.

The living room is an open space that was originally two rooms. One area is for the dining table, while the other is our lounge area. This room gets the most combined use, I’d say, in terms of hours spent there (while awake, anyway).  Continue reading »

Refinished sideboard top

Refinishing a sideboard!

I’ve been thinking about furniture for the open living/dining area, in particular the dining section, seeing as we have nothing for it right now. Our apartment didn’t have room for a whole separate dining table and chairs, so everyone who came over got to be a slob and eat their dinner on the couch just like us.  Continue reading »