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A tiny harvest

Jamie is good at tending to yardwork, but let’s be honest, he only really cares about the plants that he can eat. We planted a heap of seedlings in the veggie beds, and some of them even became food!

The veggie beds were here when we moved in, and we’re planning to rebuild them eventually.  Continue reading »

Hellebore turned four

This post is about transplanting and dividing hellebores, but work with me for a moment. We’ve gone back in time to early February. When you pass by our house, you might notice the brick planter overflowing with geraniums.  It’s all very quaint and suburban.  Continue reading »

Operation ivy


Not that one (and especially not that one), but this one: the protracted process of removing all the English ivy from a garden wall. That stuff is an invasive pain in the ass. I mean, cripes, even in England it can engulf houses.  Continue reading »