Bedroom curtains

Curtain and blind surgery

This window has new curtains and blinds! I don’t blame you if you can’t exactly feel the excitement, but it’s exciting to me.

Here’s how it was looking after I refinished the window frame in our bedroom. Getting that done was well and good, but the next task was to tackle the pile of curtains and blinds that had been sitting in the corner, staring me down for the last six months.  Continue reading »

A small monumental change

I haven’t gotten around to showing this side of the kitchen, but here, come have a look at the black wall. It’s been like this for a little while and I still think it makes the room.

This wall previously had a couple of cheap shelves and a fearsome old heater installed on it, which we removed and patched over.  Continue reading »

Custom IKEA Tea and Spice Shelving

IKEA tea and spice shelving

I’m just gonna say it: I like IKEA and they like me, or at least my wallet. Going there is always a bit of a special occasion, since it literally only happens when we’re on vacation. I’m less interested in their furniture, but they do have a lot of useful bits and pieces that can go elsewhere in the house.  Continue reading »