Bluestone paver edging

Bluestone paver edging

It might just be a quirk of vocabulary, but I like feeling as though our house has a garden rather than a yard. Gardens are visually interesting and beautiful year-round, or at least that’s my dream. I like the design element of planning out plants, borders and pathways (I’d quite like to be a landscape architect in one of my many unlived parallel lives) and it’s rewarding when you see all your hard work begin to pull together.   Continue reading »

Rebuilding our raised garden beds

Hey Tasmania, did you know it’s spring? We checked one major outdoor project off the list: rebuilding the veggie garden beds! So exciting. My blog may or may not become GARDEN MANIA over the next few weeks, so yeah, bear with me.  Continue reading »

Colours + elements of design in the garden

Buying plants and digging in the dirt is the easy part. The time-consuming part has been deciding which plants. Our front yard is a blank slate, and I’ve spent considerable hours reading about Aus/Tas natives, among others, and determining whether they’ll like my yard.  Continue reading »