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living room

Black arc lamp and palm

The living room lamp situation

I’m the opposite of homesick right now. Jamie and I are in New York, and concepts like “summer” and “Australia” feel so distant and foreign. Not in a bad way, mind you. I’m just so immersed in my immediate environs (which is: my friend Stephen’s teeny-weeny NYC apartment) that it feels weird to think that I have this whole house, waiting for me, existing.  Continue reading »

Vintage Record Cabinet Refresh

My new old record cabinet!

Is it repetitive yet, my stories about sourcing and polishing up old finds? I feel like it might be.

Step 1: Steph finds some old piece of junk on Gumtree or out of a salvage warehouse (tip shop, is the local term).  Continue reading »

Living with the living room

Cats and people agree: cozier is better.

The living room is an open space that was originally two rooms. One area is for the dining table, while the other is our lounge area. This room gets the most combined use, I’d say, in terms of hours spent there (while awake, anyway).  Continue reading »