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living room

Kilims and eiffel chairs

Our living room is nothing extraordinary right now. It’s a room with our furniture in it and a TV. Ever since we did the walls and floors, that’s about it for achievements.

I did, however, acquire some kilim cushions. All the way from Turkey, even.  Continue reading »

Refinished sideboard top

Refinishing a sideboard!

I’ve been thinking about furniture for the open living/dining area, in particular the dining section, seeing as we have nothing for it right now. Our apartment didn’t have room for a whole separate dining table and chairs, so everyone who came over got to be a slob and eat their dinner on the couch just like us.  Continue reading »

DIY linen curtains

DIY linen curtains!

I’ve been quiet on my blog lately, and here’s why: MOVING DAY. Yeah! We’re settling in the house now, and it feels like staying in a hostel that happens to have all of our furniture in it. Everything is half-unpacked, and the cat is distraught and only comes out of the bedroom closet sometimes.  Continue reading »