Black arc lamp and palm

The living room lamp situation

I’m the opposite of homesick right now. Jamie and I are in New York, and concepts like “summer” and “Australia” feel so distant and foreign. Not in a bad way, mind you. I’m just so immersed in my immediate environs (which is: my friend Stephen’s teeny-weeny NYC apartment) that it feels weird to think that I have this whole house, waiting for me, existing.  Continue reading »

Custom IKEA Tea and Spice Shelving

IKEA tea and spice shelving

I’m just gonna say it: I like IKEA and they like me, or at least my wallet. Going there is always a bit of a special occasion, since it literally only happens when we’re on vacation. I’m less interested in their furniture, but they do have a lot of useful bits and pieces that can go elsewhere in the house.  Continue reading »