God help the photography novice

Hi my name is Steph and I’m crap at photography. The good news is that I’m fixing that.

Now, I have an art and design background, but I never got into photography because it seemed like a pursuit for gearheads. To be fair, there is a lot of obsessing over specs and shelling out thousands of dollars in order to produce technically beautiful yet artless imagery.  Continue reading »

Living with the living room

Cats and people agree: cozier is better.

The living room is an open space that was originally two rooms. One area is for the dining table, while the other is our lounge area. This room gets the most combined use, I’d say, in terms of hours spent there (while awake, anyway).  Continue reading »

Kilims and eiffel chairs

Our living room is nothing extraordinary right now. It’s a room with our furniture in it and a TV. Ever since we did the walls and floors, that’s about it for achievements.

I did, however, acquire some kilim cushions. All the way from Turkey, even.  Continue reading »