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native plants

Retro planter, Tassie style.

Welcome to our patio! Today in putting the cart before the horse: setting out my concrete cone planter. There’s so much I want to do out here (hey, walls and tile, I’m talking to you), but today I’m all about that planter.   Continue reading »

Full bloom (Oct 3)

Waratah love

White waratah in flower at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

Some Australian flowers are better than others. Fact.

I’m partial to the protea family, which produces iconic gaudy flowers like banksias and grevilleas, and last year I planted one of the most iconic of the bunch: a waratah.  Continue reading »

The break

Here’s a frustrating fact about gum trees: they break.

Winter’s still here, reminding us not to forget about it too soon. We had a bad windstorm earlier this month with 110 km/h gusts rattling through the suburbs. There were local reports of fallen trees and power lines, but no major damage as far as I’m aware.  Continue reading »