Tea station pieces

Jamie’s tea station

  1. Sometimes you’re busy, and you’d really like a cup of tea, but you don’t want to walk away from the computer for ten minutes while you wait for the stovetop kettle to boil (or worse, return to the study and forget about it, leaving it to make a shrieking racket until someone else hears it).
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Vintage Record Cabinet Refresh

My new old record cabinet!

Is it repetitive yet, my stories about sourcing and polishing up old finds? I feel like it might be.

Step 1: Steph finds some old piece of junk on Gumtree or out of a salvage warehouse (tip shop, is the local term).  Continue reading »

Custom IKEA Tea and Spice Shelving

IKEA tea and spice shelving

I’m just gonna say it: I like IKEA and they like me, or at least my wallet. Going there is always a bit of a special occasion, since it literally only happens when we’re on vacation. I’m less interested in their furniture, but they do have a lot of useful bits and pieces that can go elsewhere in the house.  Continue reading »