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our house

a general moodboard: blue-gray colour palette, tas oak floors

Paint, and home colour palette thoughts.


Fixing a bunch of walls at once also means painting a bunch of walls at once. Woo! But then we have to live with those decisions! Noooo. Paint is fixable, yes, but not conveniently or cheaply. It’s something I want to get right the first time, so I can change the colour at my leisure and not feel annoyed about it for years.  Continue reading »

No More Textured Ceilings

Textured ceiling paint removal.

Not long after we got the keys to our house, we were out with friends and somehow, the idea of ‘hey, let’s christen your empty new house’ came about. Yeah, okay, sure, cool. Not going to lie: entering the house for the first time since it was transferred to our names was creepyContinue reading »

path with rosebushes (before removal)

House introduction!

Look what I put together in Floorplanner! North side is the deck side.

Our house was built in 1947. It’s a post-war, modest suburban weatherboard house and I like it. Unsurprisingly, a blank slate  like this has seen some substantial modifications over the years.  Continue reading »