Painting weatherboards | Saltbush Avenue

Painting our dark weatherboards – progress!

So I’m feeling a twinge of embarrassment about this post. How can we be so slow at painting weatherboards? Still: we’ve passed the halfway point, and each step forward looks GREAT. Here’s how that process has been going, what with lead paint being an issue and all.   Continue reading »

Cinderblock, Improved

Cinderblock, improved

Every little job adds up to create an improved whole, but this particular fix went a long way to burnish curb appeal: refreshing the crummy cinderblock wall at the front of our property. It only took two afternoons and a tin of paint but the result is loads better, almost modern even.  Continue reading »

Historic facade in Cape Town

Dark painted houses.

(Historic facade in Cape Town; via House and Leisure.) 

How do you feel about dark painted houses? Charcoal, navy, black, graphite, slate…? In case you hadn’t guessed: I’m into them. Dark colours recede nicely into their surroundings, and cool dark tones look SO GOOD against warm timber.  Continue reading »

Flat File Rehab

Flat filed

What’s grey and weighs over three hundred pounds? This guy. The flat file.

I mainly hear them described as “map drawers” or “plan drawers” — I think “flat file” is what they get called in American — because duh, they get used for storing maps, plans, and anything else that comes in large, flat sheets.  Continue reading »