Mini-megapolis tour: New York

I like visiting big cities when I go on vacation. I mean, out here I have the countryside at my fingertips, not the life and culture of a city with millions of people. I love walking around cities. And lucky me, we got to visit #1 and #2 in North America: New York and Mexico City.  Continue reading »

Arizona state border sign

Desert sightseeing: Arizona + New Mexico

Happy New Year, blog! How were your holidays? It’s been a little while between drinks, but I’m now back in Australia and it’s Summer, 2015. Far out. I really enjoyed our six weeks back in the US; from our base in Phoenix, we got to travel elsewhere around the country, too.  Continue reading »

Bear Lake

Five ways to enjoy a week in Colorado.

It’s December now?! Between family, holidays, and roadtrips, I’ve barely had a moment’s peace since arriving in the USA. It’s been that good. Jamie and I arrived in Phoenix, and from there we headed to Denver for Thanksgiving, met up with his sister Kylie, and then drove back south, stopping at Santa Fe, Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon along the way.  Continue reading »

Full bloom (Oct 3)

Waratah love

White waratah in flower at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

Some Australian flowers are better than others. Fact.

I’m partial to the protea family, which produces iconic gaudy flowers like banksias and grevilleas, and last year I planted one of the most iconic of the bunch: a waratah.  Continue reading »

God help the photography novice

Hi my name is Steph and I’m crap at photography. The good news is that I’m fixing that.

Now, I have an art and design background, but I never got into photography because it seemed like a pursuit for gearheads. To be fair, there is a lot of obsessing over specs and shelling out thousands of dollars in order to produce technically beautiful yet artless imagery.  Continue reading »