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Let’s Talk: Photography + Social Media

This summer, I took a course called Photography & Social Media offered by the University of Tasmania. It was online (excellent) and free (what? yes!) so there was no reason not to take it. Having that external pressure of class deadlines made me concentrate on my photography, particularly for sharing on social media, and I learned a few solid lessons from it.  Continue reading »

Sunset Hanging Gardens

Wanna look at another vintage magazine with me? I found this old Sunset Magazine special on hanging gardens and it sucked me in, all thanks to that cover. Hanging baskets overflowing with flowers, a timber deck overlooking the ocean, a person with a leather vest and ponytail who could be either male or female.  Continue reading »

Australian House and Garden, 1965.

I hoard printed material. I love it all. I have a Kindle for reading fiction, but I like my magazines, graphic novels, and art and design books. I have several collections going of useless little bits of ephemera — postcards, public transport tickets, low-denomination bills from other countries.  Continue reading »