Japanese maple leaf

Spring forward.

Hi again from my upside-down garden. I’m actually in Sydney as I’m posting this, en route to Los Angeles. My happy place might be drinks on our deck, not 14 hours sitting bolt upright in a cramped tin can, but I’m excited to go home home for a few weeks.  Continue reading »

Wisteria in bloom

My spring flowering outdoor wall

This outdoor wall used to be covered in ivy. You know that story. It looked pretty lousy after we removed the ivy, but we freshened up the colorbond and things are looking good.

A lot of people would have been perfectly happy with the old ivy wall: a green ivy blanket covering up the boring colorbond sheathing, with geraniums and wisteria woven through it.  Continue reading »

The break

Here’s a frustrating fact about gum trees: they break.

Winter’s still here, reminding us not to forget about it too soon. We had a bad windstorm earlier this month with 110 km/h gusts rattling through the suburbs. There were local reports of fallen trees and power lines, but no major damage as far as I’m aware.  Continue reading »