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Bedroom curtains

Curtain and blind surgery

This window has new curtains and blinds! I don’t blame you if you can’t exactly feel the excitement, but it’s exciting to me.

Here’s how it was looking after I refinished the window frame in our bedroom. Getting that done was well and good, but the next task was to tackle the pile of curtains and blinds that had been sitting in the corner, staring me down for the last six months.  Continue reading »

star quilt bedside

Making my own star quilt

I kind of hate and love sewing, especially on bigger projects like this star quilt. You need more of everything than what you anticipate — more fabric, more calculations, more thread, more money, more time — but then I love it because duh, you’re making pretty things with your own two hands that you’ll use.  Continue reading »

Recycled sweater cushion time | Saltbush Avenue

Recycled sweater cushion time

My living room is full of earthy textures and fabrics. Jute, timber, wool, linen, suede. It’s probably time for a bit of counterbalance, to keep the place from looking too burrow-like — maybe some metal picture frames, and a striking floor lamp or two?   Continue reading »