Retro planter, Tassie style.

Welcome to our patio! Today in putting the cart before the horse: setting out my concrete cone planter. There’s so much I want to do out here (hey, walls and tile, I’m talking to you), but today I’m all about that planter.   Continue reading »

Freedom Trifle

I’m Australian!

Hello, world! I’m a dual citizen now! I know.

That’s me and Jamie at my ceremony, along with the Lord Mayor of Hobart in his pirate king regalia. Every new citizen received a native plant, which I thought was a nice gesture.  Continue reading »

Winter blooming

View from my living room window, feeling like we live in a ski town sometimes.

This is my fourth winter on this side of the world. It’s pretty mild in Tassie: highs between 10-12° C most days, rain and wind and light frosts, no freezing temperatures and no snow unless you live at a higher elevation.  Continue reading »