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It takes as long as it takes: our baseboards.

Jamie, my partner, is a self-reliant country boy. Hiring contractors was never the done thing out in the bush; you either did repairs yourself, or you called in a few favours. To be fair, Jamie’s dad is a trained machinist with a workshop full of heavy-duty machinery, so he’s a bit handier than most, but I still feel proud that they can fix and build and cut and weld anything.  Continue reading »

How to strip and restore hardwood trim

Have you ever wondered how to go about restoring blah-looking, paint-covered hardwood trim? Strap in, because I’ve got a lot of words to spill on the topic.

Here’s the setting: our hallway. It needed help.

We did an initial update on it, just like in the rest of the house: we removed the carpet and refinished the floorboards, and then repaired cracks in the plaster and painted the walls and ceiling, in Beige Royal Half and Grand Piano Quarter.  Continue reading »

Saving the star inlay

I like old, discarded objects. I like them for the same reason lots of other people do. The thrill of the hunt, the potential lurking under a nasty exterior, the pride in turning trash into gold.

There’s plenty of reasons why most of our furniture is secondhand.  Continue reading »