Birch gold

Colour change

Right now we’re in the three-week spell that’s peak autumn. Hobart, like every other city throughout temperate Australia, has many deciduous trees planted alongside the evergreen natives. This means you get the best of both worlds: green and lively all winter, fragrant in spring and brilliantly-coloured in autumn.  Continue reading »

Delicious summer harvest

It’s brag-posting time, because our veggie patch’s first summer with newly built beds and square-foot garden plans was a smashing success. It’s beginning to get out of hand! Jamie couldn’t bring himself to pick off the weaker seedlings when we initially planted them, bless him, so we’ve spent this summer eating every flavour of zucchini and offering up football-sized specimens to our dumbfounded friends.  Continue reading »

Rebuilding our raised garden beds

Hey Tasmania, did you know it’s spring? We checked one major outdoor project off the list: rebuilding the veggie garden beds! So exciting. My blog may or may not become GARDEN MANIA over the next few weeks, so yeah, bear with me.  Continue reading »

A tiny harvest

Jamie is good at tending to yardwork, but let’s be honest, he only really cares about the plants that he can eat. We planted a heap of seedlings in the veggie beds, and some of them even became food!

The veggie beds were here when we moved in, and we’re planning to rebuild them eventually.  Continue reading »