Round glass-topped coffee table

Study lounging

The study isn’t just a work space, it’s also a sit-and-think space, a draw-on-the-couch space, a chat-with-Jamie-while-he-plays-computer-games space. It’s also been a nice little retreat within the house on warm days. I picked out a few furnishings, and I have to say, the cozy factor has gone up significantly.  Continue reading »

Sunset Hanging Gardens

Wanna look at another vintage magazine with me? I found this old Sunset Magazine special on hanging gardens and it sucked me in, all thanks to that cover. Hanging baskets overflowing with flowers, a timber deck overlooking the ocean, a person with a leather vest and ponytail who could be either male or female.  Continue reading »

Vintage Record Cabinet Refresh

My new old record cabinet!

Is it repetitive yet, my stories about sourcing and polishing up old finds? I feel like it might be.

Step 1: Steph finds some old piece of junk on Gumtree or out of a salvage warehouse (tip shop, is the local term).  Continue reading »

Australian House and Garden, 1965.

I hoard printed material. I love it all. I have a Kindle for reading fiction, but I like my magazines, graphic novels, and art and design books. I have several collections going of useless little bits of ephemera — postcards, public transport tickets, low-denomination bills from other countries.  Continue reading »